Ouvrage : Semiotic Theory of Learning

A. Stables, W. Nöth, A. Olteanu, S. Pesce, E. Pikkarainen (mai 2018). Semiotic Theory of Learning. New Perspectives in the Philosophy of Education. New York: Routledge.


Introduction (Andrew Stables, Winfried Nöth, Alin Olteanu,
Sebastien Pesce and Eetu Pikkarainen)

Section 1: Andrew Stables:
(1-1) The Limits of Learning
(1-2) The Semiotic Encounter
(1-3) Semiosis, Education and Society Affecting Encounters

Section 2: Winfried Nöth
(2-1) Education in the Domain of Thirdness
(2-2) Education in the Domain of Secondness
(2-3) Education in the Domain of Firstness

Section 3: Alin Olteanu
(3-1) Ecosemiotics as a Theory of Learning
(3-2) Ecology, Love and Learning
(3-3) Sexuality as a Case of Ecological Learning

Section 4: Sebastien Pesce
(4-1) From Comprehensive Research to Semiotic Approaches to Education: A Subjective Genealogy of Educational Semiotics
(4-2) Signs, Significance and Semioses in the classroom: Multimodality, Narrativity, Dialogism and Rhetoric as Cornerstones of a Fully Semiotic Perspective on Teaching and Learning
(4-3) Training Semiotically Wise Teachers: Rhetoric of Inquiry, Epistemology of Action and Habit Change

Section 5: Eetu Pikkarainen
(5-1) Learning and Semiotic Theory
(5-2) Ontology of Learning (and Semiotics)
(5-3) Human Learning: Education and Bildung


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