Semeïon Editions

Semeïon Editions is a young independent publishing house functioning as a non-profit associative organization. Being a small dot in the huge ocean of publishing, our ambition is to publish no more than 10 books a year within our various fields of interest.
Our organization is composed of scientists and practitioners within the fields of pedagogics, anthropology, cinema, history and applied mathematics, as well as of graphic designers and translators. We run the house cooperatively, take all editorial decisions together and collaborate on the practical and economical issues of bringing each book into being.

editorial profile

Our publishing house puts an effort into building bridges
between different languages and across borders,
between science and public,
between theory and practice,
and between scholarly traditions.

Our group of editors, scientists and practitioners from different social and humanistic sciences strive to bridge the gaps that exist between different French and English-speaking scholarly traditions within the humanities and social sciences, gaps that hinder mutual understanding, exchange and cooperation.


Our ambition is to create a broad catalogue of social and humanistic works published and translated in different European languages, notably French and English.
We also strive to publish original and innovative work from non-European countries and continents, work that would otherwise remain unknown to an international public.


Popularizing sciences embraces two aspects that go tightly hand in hand: to render scientific research accessible to all interested readers and to spur the interest of non-scientists for new as well as classical works of research. Scientific research is generally written in insider terms and indigestible to a general public. We strive to make complicated matters accessible to everyone.

innovative practices

Putting words on practices, arranging actions into models, breaking down models to elaborate new practices, articulating and comparing inherent ways of doing, and working out guidelines for new forms, those are some of our practical ambitions.


Perle Mohl
Omens & Effect (book)couvomensdef

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Perle Mohl
Confluences (DVD)

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Richard Leacock
The Feeling of Being There
(book + Digital Video Book)


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Landoeuer & Pesce
Socrate dans la Cité
(2 DVD set)


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“Recherche Avec”
(online movies)


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Teko Dzembi’a
Musiques des Emerillon
(audio CD)


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